Can the motorola SL4000 walkie talkie transform the face of 2 way radio communications?

The motorola SL4000 radio is the contemporary digital two way radio from Motorola, made for that concierge marketplace, created for people on the move and people that require a lightweight and ‘mobile phone’ style digital two way radio, to complete their work effectively and converse on the move.

This is the ideal solution matched against other cumbersome competition, such as DP3400, DP2400 as well as the kenwood nextedge 2 way radios. This contemporary lightweight radio is the first to pursue the mobile phone direction for 2 way comms. This 2 way radio actually is revolutionary, as well as lightest radio on the market and the 1st to have Bluetooth.

The Bluetooth is needed for sharing information between 2 way radios and connecting to supplementary Bluetooth devices to share information in real-time.

The SL4000 has been a huge success since its issue, but keeping the benefits of a lightweight two way radio is pointless if they have to be carried around inside the hand, The Motorola SL4000 earpiece can be a added extra that basically can make two way radio comms simple and efficient.

The connection, even though it could look like a normal mp3 jack or just like a sepura connector, it really is in actual fact completely different, and won’t work on another 2 way radio, predominantly not the sepura or the Motorola leisure two way radios.

Everyone that has used the SL4000 have been amazed that this has not previously been thought of, and with all the cell phone market such a successful section over the past 10-15 years, the tech must have passed through to the two way radio business much earlier. The real answer to this is, that digital radio has only been available in the radio business over the last 2 years, with the emergence of that Dp 3400 which has had a superb reception with every one of the 2 way radio dealers and companies, this new type of digital 2 way radio might be set to change the walkie talkie industry for the better.

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