When will shopping malls have enough wireless bandwidth to support the wants of ten of thousands of fans?

Editors Note – All of us go into the brand new shopping malls which are springing up all over the place, we feel protected and secure to spend ourcash relax and meet acquaintances. We feel safe and sound in these malls because of the high amount of safety and safety these malls suggest. It is because of an invisible workforce that keep our shopping malls secure, sanitary and secure, for these people to perform their employment adequately a superb communiqué system is vital, is kenwood a good provider in your case?


According to Professor Joshua Bamfield, there were 800,000 witnessed shoplifting incidents in the UK during 2010 and a sector official total of 11 million thefts. The amount stolen from retailers is almost £4 billion with shoplifting alone accounting for £1,886 million – equating to £263.14 for each UK family in increased prices to pay for £100 million of anti-theft technology invested by retailers.

For many years, two-way radios have been proving their worth in a variety of retail environments, allowing store management, retail staff, stock controllers and security teams to communicate discretely and effectively without the intrusion of public address systems with the aim of reducing stock loss, improving productivity and delivering better customer service.

Crime reduction, health and safety, disruption to business, protecting staff and shoppers from volatile situations are some of the issues faced by retail business large and small, but as the footprint of retail outlets has grown, so too have the requirements from two-way radio communications. The largest shopping centres can cover vast areas and several storeys, with tens of thousands of customers visiting the shops, cinemas and restaurants, all expecting a safe and vibrant environment free from the threat of crime and anti-social behaviour. These demands bring new challenges to retail and shopping centre management, not least the co-ordination of health, safety and security.

Kenwood NEXEDGE® digital two-way radio in a stand-alone or trunked system configuration meet these new challenges, providing high quality reception and additional safety and security features to ensure that whatever the size of retail operation, you can be sure of the ability to communicate clearly with teams wherever they are on site, whether by voice or data.

Among its many benefits, NEXEDGE® Digital Two-Way walkie-talkies and in-vehicle units additionally feature an Analogue/Digital Mixed Mode which allows them to communicate automatically with any existing analogue radios whatever the make; providing a straightforward and economical way to use existing radios while migrating to the benefits of digital without compromising service quality and reliability.

All NEXEDGE® hand portable walkie talkies conform to MIL-STD-810 C/D/E/F/G for ruggedness and durability and are IP54/55 Water & Dust Intrusion rated, making them ideal for operation in-store and in open environments.

Retail operations including DIY, footwear, fashion, food, supermarkets, vehicle dealerships and entire shopping centres have all benefitted from the extended coverage, reliability, clear reception and quality of Kenwood NEXEDGE® digital two-way walkie-talkies, in-vehicle units and trunked radio system and network solutions.

Source – http://www.nexedgebusiness.co.uk/market_sectors/retail